Risking Peace – Forgiveness as a Journey of Liberation

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From October 18th to October 24th, 2020
Online Retreat

Risking Peace – Forgiveness as a Journey of Liberation

George Durner, Tim Kearney, Rick Hatem, Chris Peloquin, Curt Armstrong

George Durner, Member of L’Arche for more than 40 years, former L’Arche community leader in Canada and in France; former L’Arche regional coordinator in France and the Middle East.
Tim Kearney, founder of L’Arche Cork, Regional Leader of Ireland, member of the international Leadership Team and current director of L’Arche La Ferme, Trosly.
Rick Hatem, Member of L’Arche for 30+ years, former L’Arche community leader in Canada, former L’Arche regional coordinator in the US.
Chris Peloquin, long term member of L’Arche, former director of L’Arche Trosly and L’Arche regional coordinator in the Middle East.
Curt Armstrong, long term member of L’Arche, founding director of L’Arche Atlanta, USA and current fundraising director for L’Arche International.


Before Nelson Mandela left prison he said :
“As I stand before the door to my freedom, I realize that if I do not leave my pain, anger and bitterness behind me, I will still be in prison.
Self-imprisonment is worse than that imposed. How many are in self-inflicted pains today for lack of forgiveness. How many of us have imprisoned ourselves inside the walls of anger and bitterness. Holding grudges does not make you strong, it makes you bitter. Forgiveness does not make you weak, it sets you free.”

Forgiveness is a journey of letting go and finding a new way of being. It is a liberation of the past towards a new freedom…

Practical Information

This retreat will be offered online over a period of six days, and will comprise :

  • Five inspirational talks of 45 mins by the different speakers via video link (sent in advance) for five days of the retreat.
  • Questions at the end of each talk to help you in your own personal time of prayer and reflection.
  • Two days where you are invited to join a small group sharing for a time of reflection and exchange with other retreatants in your time zone for a period of approximately an hour, if you so wish.

From Sunday October 18th to Saturday 24th.

A precise schedule and other practical information will be sent a few days in advance.

You can attend to this retreat while continuing to live your daily life (work, family) at the same time.


100€ per participant.

We would be thankful for further donations, as if you are able to pay more it helps those facing financial difficulty. If it is a serious difficulty for you to pay the full amount please discuss the matter with us beforehand.

For people in our communities of L’Arche in the developing world, please contact us : a special arrangement on the fee will be made.

This is an online retreat. You can attend to this retreat from home.

Registration for Risking Peace

Registration is open from now: confirmation reply will be given, due to summer holidays, from early September.

To register, please send an email to accueil@lafermedetrosly.com with the following information :

First Name :
Last Name :
Full Postal Adress :
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