Our Identity

Our Identity

The courtyard at La Ferme

La Ferme is a community with a specific vocation of prayer and hospitality in l’Arche, rooted in the Catholic Church.

La Ferme members are lay people. They share their lives in a family spirit, in the environment of the l’Arche homes that welcome people with disabilities. This marks the specificity and originality of the community.

It is a home of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, centred on the Eucharist, and a spiritual centre.

In the spirit of l’Arche, La Ferme wants to meet differences in the human family. It is therefore open to the mutual enrichment that may arise from all Christian confessions, as well as an openness to an inter-religious dimension and extending a welcome to every man and woman of good will.

Through fraternal life, La Ferme strives to bear witness to the Gospel, a simple life of joy, compassion, forgiveness and celebration.